Iron & Wine is the musical project of Sam Beam, who is originally from South Carolina.  The name Iron & Wine came from a dietary supplement that Sam saw at a general store called "Beef Iron & Wine".  His career began at home in Miami, Florida, recording on a four-track.  Then, a father of two girls, Sam was a teacher at a local Miami college where he taught cinematography.  When long time friend Ben Bridwell (once drummer for the now disbanded Carissaís Wierd, and now a member of Band of Horses) introduced Samís home-made music to the editor of the Yeti zine, Mike McGonigal, the music of Iron & Wine saw its first release on a CD compilation that came with the first issue of Yeti in 2000.
         Along with the release of Iron & Wineís debut recording came attention from the independent record label Sub Pop.  Sub Pop heard the compilation CD and contacted Sam asking for more of his songs, in hopes of releasing an album of what he had recorded in his home.  After a few months, Sub Pop received two Cdís full of songs that Sam had recorded and sent to the record label.  Sub Pop compiled a smaller collection of those songs, which became Iron & Wineís debut album, The Creek Drank The Cradle (2002).
         Later, in 2003, Sub Pop released five more recordings from those songs which did not make it on to The Creek Drank The Cradle.  This release is The Sea & The Rhythm.  Not too long after this release came the second full length album, Our Endless Numbered Days (2004).  The songs from this record were recorded as usual, in Samís home, but Sam also went into the studio for the first time with producer Brian Deck.  Assisting Sam on the record were his sister Sara Beam, Patrick McKinney, Jeff McGriff, EJ Holowicki, and Jonathan Bradley, who had also been touring as a band with Sam.
         Sam continued touring and recording, which yielded two more EPís, Woman King (2005) and In The Reins (2005).  In The Reins is a collaboration with the band Calexico, which was born from the idea of Howard Greynolds (owner of Overcoat Records).  Originally, Howard proposed that Calexico could be the backing band for Iron & Wineís debut release, The Creek Drank The Cradle, which never worked out due to Calexicoís touring schedule and Samís availability.
         Most recently, Sam has released his third full length album, The Shepherdís Dog (2007), along with a rarities compilation titled Around The Well (2009).  The fourth full length album is due out early 2011 and is titled Kiss Each Other Clean, which is the first album to be released through Warner Bros. Records.  Sam currently lives in Austin, Texas and is the father of five daughters.